Services offered: Sound Healing, Vocal Tai Chi

Alistair qualified with the College of Sound Healing in 2014 and as a tutor for the College in 2017. He has attended courses with leading figures in the field of sound healing including: Fabian Maman, Jill Purce, Simon Heather, Nikki Slade, Michael Ormiston and Eileen Day McKusick. He trained as a Vocal Tai Chi practitioner with its founder Jenni Roditi. He also has over 5 years experience of care work in hospitals, nursing homes, a hospice, and has attended a course in trauma awareness. He gives one-to-one sound treatments, Vocal Tai Chi coaching sessions, online and in-person workshops, retreats and runs sessions for cancer support charities, in education and the NHS.
Alistair has been a musician for 30 years, is a published composer, teacher and writer. He studied music at Goldsmiths University where he graduated with first class honours in 2007, winning the Barnard and Hails prize for music and gained his Masters in composition at Goldsmiths in 2009.
Alistair’s life purpose is to share the healing and transformative power of sound and music.

To book: or 07805 408576