Services offered: Integrative Hypnotherapy

Hello! I’m Amy, your guide through the journey of inner growth and change. As a skilled hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner, and NLP coach, I specialise in an integrative approach that weaves together a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques, including the nurturing touch of Gestalt, the creative flow of art therapy, and the insightful exploration of dreamwork.

I came from the fertile land of Sichuan, where I grew up bilingual. My Chinese name, Airu, reflects the essence of mist, mirroring the gentle, soothing nature of my methods. My practice is enriched with the serenity and balance found in Taoism and Buddhism, offering you paths to mindfulness, energetic equilibrium, and a harmonious connection with the natural world. These age-old teachings are especially valuable for dispelling the stresses and anxieties that often accompany modern life.

In our sessions, you can expect to rediscover a sense of peace, empowerment, and kindness towards yourself. Whether you’re navigating emotional waves or seeking a sanctuary of calm in your life, my goal is to help you replenish your inner strength. You can enjoy restorative sleep, unleash your creative potential, and find stability in your daily interactions.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch to discuss and explore how I could help.

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