Services Offered: Neuro corrective therapy, Scar therapy, Sports massage, Pregnancy massage, Holistic massage.

Eva has been working as a manual therapist for the past 10 years. Originally trained in Sports Massage, she has since complemented her practice with numerous techniques in order to be able to treat clients more holistically.

Eva’s way of working with physical pain and dysfunction has been shaped by her interest in neurology based treatment modalities. Using cutting-edge techniques enables her to address symptoms by determining the root causes in the nervous system and detecting the triggering stressors. Combining this with a traditional musculoskeletal approach allows her to facilitate healing in an integrative way and leads to profound and exciting results.

Addressing dysfunction in nerve receptors also complements Eva’s scar treatments. As part of working with scars, she addresses fascial restrictions as well as dysfunction in the nerve endings in and around scars. This results in faster reduction of uncomfortable sensations and an efficient restoration of bodily functions.

In her sessions, Eva is looking to address the need of each client and to listen to what the body needs in that moment to re-establish health and function. She also addresses deeply embedded visceral (organ) restrictions in case these appear to be at the root of presenting symptoms.

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