Services offered: Gentle Birth Method – includes Creative Healing, Reflexology, Bio-feedback, Hypnosis. Also, Pregnancy Coaching

For nearly 30 years, Sherine has focused her practise on pregnancy wellbeing and women’s health. She has successfully treated hundreds of women and believes, what lies at the “heart” of most illnesses and pregnancy complications, is stress. She has learnt that when we deal with the underlying stress, most complications naturally resolve. Sherine initially began her working career in nursing and midwifery before moving in to the complementary field where she later specialised in pregnancy coaching and the Gentle Birth Method. Always interested in how she can serve her clients better, Sherine obtained a psychology degree and a masters in neuroscience, as a mature student which she integrates in to her model of care.
Her mission is to help mothers create the right environment that prepare their babies so they are ready, for the new world ahead. Research suggests that because mum and baby are uniquely connected during pregnancy, that this is the only time when a mum has the greatest influence on their neurological and emotional development. Children born form mothers who learnt how to manage their emotional needs not only have better births but also their children grow up to be more resilient, anti-fragile, happier and successful.

Sherine is a published author, speaker and trainer. She also offers courses in creative healing and stress management.

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