deborah groves

Deborah Groves

Mentor/dyslexic dyspraxic specialist

Part of the Life by Margot family, Deborah is an experienced mentor and coach working with people to achieve their goals, small or large. She supports those who wish to make a change in their life that appears to be too challenging alone.

Goals such as transitioning from:

  • Low energy and moral to improved motivation
  • School to university
  • University to work
  • Marriage to divorce
  • One job to another
  • Heterosexual to gay
  • Moving home or location
  • Mum/Dad to the workplace
  • Actor to writer
  • Transgender
  • Singer to actor
  • Dyslexic, dyspraxic, ADHD ASD person to a high achieving compensated individual

Deborah has a Master’s Degree from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and a PGCE in working with neuro-diverse individuals in HEFE.

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